2 years ago, I was super excited to play the new facebook version of maplestory, as I could never get into the desktop version. I became one of the beta players who got spout headwear and a slime tshirt. As I played and contributed to this wiki over the years, I gained many valuable skills. (heh, tracking fb traffic to get their images). And even though I haven't played MSA properly in about a year, I still loved it and thought this wiki as sort of my baby.

Maybe one day I'll fill in the last gaps for the sanctuary quests, or fix some layout/formatting. But we can truly say goodbye to any new content. Nexon was too busy nurturing their other projects to care about us, but I guess that's okay.

I had fun, but this is farewell for now. (maybe someday I can admin a wiki community more mature and thriving than this one was)

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