Add and Hire new Maple Friends

When facing lots of monsters or a Boss you don't want to go it alone so you Hire your friends to help you (you do Hire friends, right?).

Up until now, the only friends you could have were the Facebook friends you added. But now you can have more friends to choose from because you're able to add players who play MapleStory Adventures but aren't your Facebook friends.

To add a Maple Friend, click on the "Add Maple Friend" button in the bottom left corner of your screen:


A window will pop up and you'll see MapleStory Adventures players who are close to your level. To add one just click on "Register."


If you want to see who has added you a Maple Friend, click on the Followers tab.


Maple Friends can be hired just the same as your Facebook friends. If your Maple Friend has also added you as a Maple Friend, you will receive a Heart point when you hire them.

Maple Friends are colored differently on your Friends bar.


What are you waiting for? Go recruit some Maple Friends!

Dungeon Hard Mode

Sure you've beaten MapleStory Adventures Dungeons before, but have you beaten them on Hard mode?

If you are looking for an extra challenge, access the Dungeon Portal at Home and click on the Hard Mode tab.


Hard Mode Dungeons are...hard. Be sure to bring your "A game" if you are going to try them as the monsters and bosses inside will be tougher.

Hard Mode Dungeons have their own leaderboards and a chances for even better drops and end rewards.

Buff Items

If you're looking for a boost in the game, check out the new Buff items.

These items are potions that will grant you different boosts for a limited time:

  • Growth - Increases EXP gains from monsters
  • Power - Increases your Attack Power
  • Wealth - Increases Magic Stone drop rate from monsters


These items are available in the Consumable section of the Shop. Be sure to check out the duration of each potion as there is a normal (5 mins.) and a greater(10 mins.) version of each.

The effects of the potions are not stackable. For example you cannot combine two Potions of Growth to double the EXP bonus.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

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