New area: Sanctuary

Have you ever wondered what's in the mysterious area in the center of Victoria Island? Wonder no longer! The first part of Sanctuary is now open complete with new monsters, new quests, and new characters who need your help!

Release v2.7.2 - 01

Release v2.7.2 - 02

Level cap raised to 75

The max level has been raised to level 75, which is a good thing considering you'll need to be as buff as you can be to survive Sanctuary and the new Dungeon, Dragonoir Lair.

Release v2.7.2 - 03

New Dungeon: Dragonoir Lair

In addition to a new area to explore, there's also a new Dungeon with a Boss who would like to meet you...and fry you to a crisp. You can access the new Dungeon (and all Dungeons) through your Dungeon Portal in your Home.

Dragonoir Lair

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