Tree dungeon 5 icon

Quest NPC Edit

Prologue Edit

There are still more threats to the Fairy Tree.

Description Edit

Go to Tree Trunk Nest II and obtain Crying Blue Mushroom Tears.

Studying the collection has revealed that Crying Blue Mushrooms are unwittingly poisoning the trees.

Tasks Edit


Crying Blue Mushroom

Rewards Edit

Is it just me, or is the air in the Tree Dungeon getting cleaner?

Share Edit

To Revive Fairy’s Tree 5

To Revive Fairy’s Tree 5

Player completed 'To Revive Fairy’s Tree 5' quest!

Player completed a quest and wants to share some bonus EXP with you! How thoughtful!

Questline Edit

Previous: To Revive Fairy's Tree 4

Now: To Revive Fairy's Tree 5

Next: To Revive Fairy's Tree 6

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