Tree dungeon 4 icon

Quest NPC Edit

Prologue Edit

Shh... Do you hear it? The Fairy Tree?

Description Edit

Go to Tree Rod Area and obtain the 'Idyllic Tree' collection item

The Fairy Tree says that Tree Rod started all the trouble. Why would one tree harm another? That's so twisted!


Tree Rod

Tree Rod


Great! I'm sure we can learn a lot about the trees by studying this... stuff.


To Revive Fairys Tree 4

To Revive Fairy's Tree 4

Player completed 'To Revive Fairy's Tree 4' quest!

Player completed a quest and wants to share some bonus EXP with you! How thoughtful!


Previous: To Revive Fairy's Tree 3

Now: To Revive Fairy's Tree 4

Next: To Revive Fairy's Tree 5

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