Tree dungeon 14 icon

Quest NPC Edit

Prologue Edit

It's not easy to grow a young Fairy Tree.

Description Edit

Try on fashion item 'Green Leaf Overalls'.

Just dress yourself like a tree, and you can inspire the little guy to grow big and strong. (Get a 'Green Leaf Overalls' by trading in 'Tree Rod's Self Reflection' collection)

Tasks Edit

Rewards Edit

See? Look! The Fairy Tree has Found new hope!

Share Edit


To Revive Fairy's Tree 14

Player completed 'To Revive Fairy's Tree 14' quest!

Player completed a quest and wants to share some bonus EXP with you! How thoughtful!

Questline Edit

Previous: To Revive Fairy's Tree 13

Now: To Revive Fairy's Tree 14

Next: To Revive Fairy's Tree 15

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