Tree dungeon 11 icon

Quest NPC Edit

Prologue Edit

Apparently, Evil Eyes are eating away the branches. Those jerks!

Description Edit

Complete Evil Eye Remains Collection in Where the Forrest Ends

Vicious-looking Evil Eyes are not only eating the branches, they cursed the Fairy Tree to stunt its growth! How can they do that?

Tasks Edit

Evil Eye

Evil Eye

Rewards Edit

Ahhh... It all makes sense now

Share Edit

To revive fairys tree 11

To Revive Fairy's Tree 11

Player completed 'To Revive Fairy's Tree 11' quest!

Player completed a quest and wants to share some bonus EXP with you! How thoughtful!

Questline Edit

Previous: To Revive Fairy's Tree 10

Now: To Revive Fairy's Tree 11

Next: To Revive Fairy's Tree 12

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