I'm just searching around for pages that need editing, especially quests. So here goes:
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Main QuestsEdit

  • The Dairy Cow Knows 3 - 13
  • Prepare for Battle 2 - 15

Skill QuestsEdit

  • Warrior=
    • Shout III - Need to be made.
    • Charged Blow I - III - Need to be made.
    • Panic II - IV - Need to be made. The quests are actually called Panic not panic attack (at least thats what nexon says)
  • Thief = ALL quest pages on skills left to do.

We need a pages called Bowman Skills like the Magician Skills page.

Dungeon QuestsEdit



Feel free to update this list when you've done something, or found something that needs to be done!!! (please do comment or type at the update section so we know who does what :p)

If you create a page, wich contains a link to an NPC or monster or w/e that already excists, edit THAT page as well. (add the quest name or w/e your making)

Plz comment on your updates on this page below v^v :D

Map QuestsEdit

Note: No x's means not finished!! No [ ] means not checked yet!!!

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