Quest NPC Edit


All of our turkeys escaped! One of them broke in and led them out of here. Some sort of...Turkey Commando!

Description Edit

Hunt down 300 Turkeys

My husband is out rounding up those turkeys. But don't you fret about it. Just sit down and eat what we've got here. I'm sure he can catch all 300 turkeys by himself.

Tasks Edit

Rewards Edit

Why, you must be the most helpful dinner guest in the history of dinner guests! I don't know how to thank you. Please take a break and stuff yourself!

Share Edit

The great turkey escape

The Great Turkey Escape

Player completed 'The Great Turkey Escape' quest!

Player helped rounded up turkeys for the Joneses.

Questline Edit

Previous: Mad Turkey Mambo

Now: The Great Turkey Escape

Next: Why Are They So Mad?

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