Quest NPC Edit

Prologue Edit

Hey, you're Player! I heard you defeated a Mossy Snail with a rolled up newspaper!

Description Edit

Go to the Forest near Mrs. Jones's Farm. (You can find Mr. Jones next to Alberich in your home).

It's Thanksgiving and you can't go without a good meal! Why don't you stop and eat with me an' my family. It's just a little further down yonder, towards the Mid Forest.

Tasks Edit

Rewards Edit

You're almost there! I still have a little more workin' to do. Why don't you go over and meet my wife, Mrs. Jones? She'll get you warm and settled for the evenin'.

Share Edit

Thanksgiving Invitation

Thanksgiving Invitation

Player completed 'Thanksgiving Invitation' quest!

Player visited the Jones's for Thanksgiving Day.

Questline Edit

Previous: None

Now: Thanksgiving Invitation

Next: My Ingredients Ran Away!

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