Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving 2011 started November 13, 2011. Several new things were added, all Thanksgiving related.

Thanksgiving 2011 ended November 26, 2011. We all hope you had a great time!!


Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones will transport you from Forest near Mrs.Jones's Farm to your Home and the other way around. He gives you the very first quest to start the Thanksgiving quest line. He also gives you the very last quest which gives you a Fashion item!

Mrs. Jones

Next is Mrs. Jones. She needs your help with her Thanksgiving stuff. Apparently, their turkeys ran off, and it's your job to fetch them back!

Mrs. Campbell
Then we get to Mrs. Campbell , who apparently is jealous of you helping the Joneses, but not her! She will also give you a few quests, with a little less of a reward.

Dr. feeble

Last NPC we encounter in the Thanksgiving event is Dr. Feeble. He doesn't give you any quests and only seems to be there for decoration.


  1. Thanksgiving Invitation
  2. My Ingredients Ran Away!
  3. Turkey Roundup
  4. Taste Crazy
  5. Mad Turkey Mambo
  6. The Great Turkey Escape
  7. Why Are They So Mad?
  8. Suspecious Brick House
  9. MechaTurkey


Baby turkey hat img
This time, not much has been added. There is 1 quest which gives you a free piece of Fashion, the Baby Turkey Hat, the last quest of the Thanksgiving quest chain.
Item Name Type Quest Name Location
Baby turkey hatBaby Turkey Hat Hat MechaTurkey [EVENT] Forest near Mrs. Jones's Farm


A few nice items have been added, including 2 Mystery Boxes!! Too bad they are only available throughout the event! Okay, so what did we see here...

New MonstersEdit

Turkey Turkey
Mad Turkey Turkey
Turkey Commando Turkey Commando

Photo ContestEdit

During this event, there was a contest running from MapleStory Adventure's Official Facebook page . To enter, you submit a screenshot and funny caption of your character with a turkey.

From MSA's post:

  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your Home area to be transported to his turkey farm
  • Take a screenshot and add a caption; the funnier the better!
  • One winner will receive an iPod Touch
  • Four runners-up will receive Forked Turkey weapons Forked turkey
  • Send your submission to with “MapleStory Adventures Screenshot *Contest” in the subject line
  • Please be sure to include your Facebook profile address for verification
  • Limit of one entry per person
  • Contest runs from Nov 15th – 23rd

Maple GazetteEdit

Thanksgiving mg

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