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Prologue Edit

Where you been, I was waiting for you to go for a ride, but now I'm all thirsty. Would you get me something to drink?

Description Edit

Hunt 65 Clangs

Who cares if you don't have money! In Florina Beach, they take Clang Claws for gold!

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Rewards Edit

Were you still looking for a drink, brah? I got that hours ago! But I gotta get back to work at the hotel. Aloha!

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Smooth talkin valen

Smooth-Talking Valen

Player completed 'Smooth-Talking Valen' quest!

Player spent all day helping Valen, but he took off without saying thanks.

Questline Edit

Previous: Clang the Klepto

Now: Smooth-Talking Valen

Next: Keeper of Clang's Sandy Beach