Sanctuary is a region that is preceded by the city of Ellinia in the region of the same name.

The first half of this region was released in update 2.7.2 on the 23rd of May 2012. Currently it is avaliable to levels 65 to 74.

Sleepy Dungeon (Hogul Path) Edit

Silent SwampEdit

Required Level: 65

Humid Swamp Edit

​Required Level: 66

Hogul's DenEdit

​Required Level: 67

Sunless Area Edit

​Required Level: 68

Gloomy Swamp Edit

​Required Level: 69

Ant Tunnel (Red Wyvern Path)Edit

Ant Tunnel IEdit

Required Level: 70

Ant Tunnel IIEdit

Required Level: 71

Red Wyvern BurrowEdit

Required Level: 72

Depths of Ant Tunnel IEdit

Required Level: 73

Depths of Ant Tunnel IIEdit

Required Level: 74


The dungeon for this map is Dragonoir Lair, which contains the boss Dragonoir.

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