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Henesys 4 icon

Quest NPC Edit

Prologue Edit

If there's only one thing I hate more than Slimes... It's King Slimes!

Description Edit

Get Gold Chunks by hunting Golden Slimes.

King Slimes are still too strong for you. Hunt the Golden Slimes instead!

Tasks Edit

Golden Slime

Golden Slime

Rewards Edit

This was a toughie, but you did great!

Share Edit

Researching Henesys 4

Researching Henesys 4

Player completed 'Researching Henesys 4' quest!

To prepare for the big battle with King Slime, Player has trained with Gold Slime.

Questline Edit

Previous: Researching Henesys 3

Now: Researching Henesys 4

Next: Researching Henesys 5

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