Quest NPC Edit

Description Edit

Kick 99 Pixies out of the house. (You can find Sophilia inside the Haunted Mansion)

Yay! Okay, um, welcome to my house! With nobody else around, I thought I was going to die of loneliness. It's just me... and all these Pixies, but they're so annoying. Hey, can you chase them away for me?

Tasks Edit

Sophia Says...Edit

*Sniff sniff* I don't know where my parents or friends are... I'm so bored... Can you play with me?

Rewards Edit

Yay, it's so much quieter now! Let's go up to my room and play!

Share Edit

Pixie clean-up

Pixie Clean-Up

Player completed 'Pixie Clean-Up' quest!

Player got rid of annoying Pixies in the Haunted house.

Questline Edit

Previous: The Haunted Mansion

Now: Pixie Clean-Up

Next: Inviting Friends

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