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Quest NPC Edit

Available Map Edit

Prologue Edit

I am deeply shamed, for I have lost our Phoenix Feathers, the symbol of my tribe, to the Axe Stumps.

Description Edit

This quest is available only on this map.

Will you retrieve 7 of my lost Phoenix Feathers for me?

Tasks Edit

Dark Axe Stump

Dark Axe Stump

Rewards Edit

Thank you, adventurer. Now my ancestors can rest in peace.

Share Edit

Phoenix Feathers

Phoenix Feathers

Player completed 'Phoenix Feathers' quest!

Player has retrieved a Phoenix’s Feather, the symbol of eternal life, from the Axe Stump.

Questline Edit

Previous: Sign of a Warrior

Now: Phoenix Feathers

Next: Keeper of East Street Corner of Perion II

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