The Pet Manager can be found in every city.
Pet Manager

Pet Manager

If you talk to her you can choose from 2 options. Pet Hotel, or Pet Shop.

Pet HotelEdit

Here you can store your pet(s). If you have more then one, you can swap them also. She will keep the other(s) safe for you!

All of your pets will be visible in the Pet Hotel. You can chose to store one, to take out another.

Pet hotel

Pet ShopEdit

Panda Dinoboy Dinogirl Monkey
Brownkitty Brownpuppy Pinkbunny Minikargo
Blackkitty Whitebunny Husky Blackpig

Once you bought a pet, you can share a bonus with your friends!



Player just adopted a Pet!

Player just adopted a lovely Pet and would like to share the joy with friends!

Pet AbilitiesEdit

Pet info

You can earn mastery stars for your pets too. Every star means you leveled up your interaction once. You can level up interaction by Playing (every 4h), or Feeding your pet with Pet Food. It doesn't matter wich pet you get, they all start with 2 basic abilities:

  • Follow: Your Pet follows you around.
  • Basic Fetch Item: Your Pet fetches items near you.

Every new ability requires a higher level.

Star Ability Description EXP needed
1 Star Basic Talk Your Pet can say some basic words 50
2 Stars Pet Speed Up Your Pets movement speed increases by 20%. 100
3 Stars Advanced Talk Your Pet can say some scentences. 170
4 Stars Advanced Fetch Item Your Pet fetches items better. 280
5 Stars Pet Glow Your Pet will glitter. 400

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