Neinheart is in charge of the Tutorial and Rank Quests. He will guide you through from the very beginning.

Neinheat is mostly doubtful of you and your ability to become a Cygnus Knight, although he eventually warms up to you.

Tutorial QuestsEdit

  1. Ribbon Cutting
  2. Donning Your Hat
  3. Seeing Red
  4. Upgrade Your Gear
  5. Beat the Mossy Snail!
  6. To Ereb
  7. The World is Your Oyster
  8. Take a Photo
  9. A Friendly Visit
  10. You've Got Heart!
  11. All Together Now!
  12. Get Crafty
  13. Have a Crafting Party!
  14. Decorate Your Home 1
  15. Decorate Your Home 2
  16. Decorate Your Home 3
  17. Decorate Your Home 4
  18. Making Decor Work for You

Beginner QuestsEdit

Rookie QuestsEdit

Novice QuestsEdit

Traveler QuestsEdit

Wanderer QuestsEdit

Voyager QuestsEdit

Adventurer QuestsEdit

Cadet QuestsEdit

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