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Quest NPC Edit

Available Map Edit

Prologue Edit

Mommy... Master Bear miss you so. Sniff... Sniff... Mommy went to find mushrooms but never came back...

Desciption Edit

This quest is available only on this map.

Please find Master Bear's Mommy... Sniff...

Tasks Edit

Poison Mushroom

Poison Mushroom

Rewards Edit

Mommy's hat! How deep into Middle Forest did Mommy go...?

Share Edit

Master Bear Needs Mommy

Master Bear Needs Mommy

Player completed 'Master Bear Needs Mommy' quest!

Player couldn't find Mommy, but found her hat. This is important.

Questline Edit

Previous: Master Bear Needs Food Badly

Now: Master Bear Needs Mommy

Next: Keeper of Poisonous Middle Forest

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