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Quest NPC Edit

Available MapEdit


You see the way those Lorangs are dancing back and forth? Almost like they're mocking us, ya?

Description Edit

Get 40 Lorang's Claws

They sneak up and snip our skirts and then they run back to the sea, ya? Somebody needs to teach them a lesson!

Tasks Edit



Rewards Edit

Mahalo! You saved hula. Lets have a luau to celebrate, ya?

Share Edit

Lorangs haters of hula

Lorangs: Haters of Hula

Player completed 'Lorangs: Haters of Hula' quest!

Player saved hula and had a luau with Riel.

Questline Edit

Previous: Beach Playboy

Now: Lorangs: Haters of Hula

Next: Keeper of Lorang's Sandy Beach

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