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Quest NPC Edit

Available Map Edit

Prologue Edit

Kerning City was once a bright, bustling city. But now it’s such a…ghost town. Everyone has left!

Description Edit

This quest is available only on this map.

I could tell you the full story of how Kerning City ended up like this, but I’m too weak. I need some food.

Tasks Edit

Pale ghost

Pale Ghost

Rewards Edit

Thanks, stranger. I haven’t had food in days! *Chomp chomp* Ghosts have been gathering since Witch Malady summoned the Dark Knight from the depths of hell.

Share Edit

Kerning Citys Dark Past

Kerning City's Dark Past

Player completed 'Kerning City’s Dark Past' quest!

Player has brought food to the Dirty Bum in exchange for hearing Kerning City’s secret.

Questline Edit

Previous: None

Now: Kerning City’s Dark Past

Next: Ghost Repellent Music

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