There is a large variety of items in the game. They are divided into the following categories:

Food ItemsEdit

Food items give you energy after using them. These can all be somehow obtained in-game without Facebook credits.

Crafted Food ItemsEdit

These food items can be crafted in the cauldrons on your home map.

Event Food ItemsEdit

These items can only be obtained during certain events.


Equipment can be obtained in many ways. You can buy them from the shop or monsters will sometimes drop them. The gear that is dropped is dependent on the level of the monster.

Monster DropsEdit

Monsters drop Gold, EXP (which will fly up to your experience bar in blue stars automatically) and Magic Stones. For instance, they can drop quest items, but also gear. They also drop other stuff you need for crafting;

Permit ItemsEdit

Permit Items can be obtained in multiple ways. All permit items except the Skill Permit and Golden Key can be obtained in game, however you can obtain all permit items as free gifts from friends or as a daily bonus gift.

Quest ItemsEdit

The name says it, you need quest items for certain quests. These are ONLY quest items, because you cannot use them in another way!