Required Level: 1

King Slime PathEdit

The Road to HenesysEdit

Thicket Around HenesysEdit

  • Required Level: 4
  • NPC - Jay
  • Lv. 4 - Slime

King Slime AreaEdit

The Hill West of Henesys IEdit

The Hill West of Henesys IIEdit

Wise Man on the PeakEdit

Zombie Mushmom PathEdit

Farm Near Middle ForestEdit

Poisonous Middle ForestEdit

Z. Mushroom AreaEdit

Dusky Middle Forest IEdit

Dusky Middle Forest IIEdit

Mano PathEdit

Dreamy Forest TrailEdit

Suspicious HillEdit

Mano AreaEdit

Humming Forest TrailEdit

  • Required level: 63
  • NPC - Cloy
  • Lv.63 - Goat

Black Goat HillEdit