Haunted House

Halloween 2011 started October 25, 2011 and ended on Novembe 6, 2011. Several new were added, all Halloween related.


Masked Gentleman will transport you from Outside Haunted Mansion to your Home and the other way around. He gives you the very first quest to start a line of Halloween quests.

Shumi the Cat
Next is Shumi, from Kerning City, has been transformed into a Cat by Witch Malady. Her name is now Shumi the Cat. She needs your help with a quest, to turn her human again. This quest is repeatable every day and gives you a Pumpkin Pie, worth of 100 Energy.

Last but not least, Sophilia. She is the main quest giver in the Event. She wants various things of you, and gives various things back. Shes the (l)onl(e)y resident in the Haunted House.


  1. The Haunted Mansion - Given by Masked Gentleman. This is the first quest of the Halloween quest row.
  2. Pixie Clean-Up
  3. Inviting Friends
  4. Multiplying Pixies
  5. Party at the Haunted Mansion
  6. Secret in the Basement
  7. No More MV - Last quest, requires you to defeat a boss.


Skull suit
A LOT of Fashion has been added, mostly buyable with FB Credits. However, there are 3 quests which give you a piece of Fashion as well. All free, that is.
Item Name Type Quest Name Location
Skull gloves Skull Gloves Gloves Inviting Friends

[EVENT] Inside Haunted Mansion

SkullSuit Skull Suit Longcoat

Party at the Haunted Mansion

[EVENT] Inside Haunted Mansion
Skull hat Skull Hat Hat Haunted Mansion Basement [EVENT] No More MV

Maple gazette halloween


Pumpkin Pie whole For each finished quest you get a Pumpkin Pie. This restores you for 100 Energy.

Pumpkin Pie In the quest Trick or Treat, you are asked to collect Slice Pumpkin Pie (These are dropped by Jack-O-Lantern).

New MonstersEdit

Jack-O-Lantern Jackolantern
Ghost Pixie Ghost Pixie
MV Minion MV Minion


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