Quest NPC Edit

Available Map Edit

Prologue Edit

Check this out! I’ve been making a potion that can repel Curse Eyes. I just add a drop of purple stuff, a little brownish…

Description Edit

This quest is available only on this map.

Oh, dang it! I ran out of green goo! It's a key ingredient to gross things.

Tasks Edit

Curse Eye

Curse Eye

Rewards Edit

Perfect! Ahh, look at my creation. Sticky, smelly, and all-round disgusting. Smear this on you, and Curse Eyes won't come near you. Neither will anyone else!

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Eye Repellant

Player completed 'Eye Repellant' quest!

Player made a potion that can be used to repellant Curse Eyes.

Questline Edit

Previous: None

Now: Eye Repellant

Next: Repellant Testing

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