Excavation 7 icon

Quest NPC Edit

Prologue Edit

There’s something we need, from the Fire Boars…

Description Edit

Go to the Primitive Boar Den, and obtain Fire Boar Fur.

I mean, you can’t expect a lady like me to do something like this. You have to pull your weight in this excavation, too!

Tasks Edit

Fire Boar

Fire Boar

Rewards Edit

Wow…did it just get really hot in here?

Share Edit

Excavating Ancient Ruins 7

Excavating Ancient Ruins 7

Player completed 'Excavating Ancient Ruins 7' quest!

Player completed a quest and wants to share some bonus EXP with you! How thoughtful!

Questline Edit

Previous: Excavating Ancient Ruins 6

Now: Excavating Ancient Ruins 7

Next: Excavating Ancient Ruins 8

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