Energy bar

The energy meter

Energy is one of the most important things to keep filled, energy allows you to fight. Energy slowly refills itself every 5 minutes with 5 energy.

Every point of damage done to monster reduces 1 energy. Every time you get hit by a monster it reduces 1 energy.

When you're out of EnergyEdit

There are many ways to refill your Energy Bar.

  • Free Refills at Home 
  • Killing monsters, they sometimes drop Energy.
  • Consume Food Items
  • Click Friends Feeds (Daily Bonus posts)
  • Trade in Collections, some of them have a Food Item or even give Energy.
  • Use 5 Help points at a friend's home
  • Buy it from the Shop

Increasing your max energyEdit

Each time you level up, your max energy increases by at least 1.


You can also use some items to increase your max energy.

Friend HireEdit

Every day, you can hire all of your Friends once. They come rushing to help you, with extra Energy, while adding 5 energy to your own energy bar.

The Friends you get from quests, (Edward, Emily, Derek, Jennifer) can be hired more then once a day. This requires several hours of waiting, but they help you with 20 Energy each.

Even when YOU are out of energy, you can still hire and use Friends to beat up monsters.

Every 10 heart levels also adds 1 energy to the energy you have when you are hired by your friends. You start with 10 energy at Heart Level 0, which increases to 11 energy at Heart Level 10, and so on.