When editing pages, VIEW SOURCE, and copy and paste it onto the new page. Thus, it won't be too messy. In this guide, the links to certain pages (eg.main quests) are example pages to be used as a template.

Please do NOT create a blank page; only create a new page if you intend to fill it out with relevant information.


Quest TemplatesEdit

When editing a quest, please use a finished page as a guide. Go to Source view and copy the source code to use as a template. There are a few types of quests, main quests , map quests , keeper of area quests (3rd quest in map quest, use a finished 'keeper of' quest for less typing), skill quests, dungeon quests. Other quests you can use a main quest as a template.

Quest NPC sectionEdit

Always put a full size image of the NPC beside the NPC's name. The NPC's name is linked to their page even if they don't have one.

Eg. Emily Emily
[[File:Emily.png]] [[Emily]]

Task sectionEdit

If a quest requires you to collect items by killing monsters, don't put apostrophes around the 'item name' when making the task section.

Eg: "Get 15 Bone(s)" and not "Get 15 'Bone'(s)"
Get 15 Bone(s)

This section should be properly illustrated. If the quest tasks include an item, add a picture of the item and link it. If it involves killing a monster (or a task related to a certain monster), include a picture of it. If it involves an NPC, include it as well. Remember to link all monsters, collections, items, NPCs, etc.



Eg: Piece of Map Get 40 Piece of Map(s) From Chipmunk
[[File:Piece_of_Map.png]] Get 40 [[Piece of Map]](s) From [[Chipmunk]]


Eg: Orange Mushroom Hunt 20 Orange Mushroom(s)
[[File:Orange_Mushroom.gif]] Hunt 20 [[Orange Mushroom]](s)


Eg: Chief Stan Talk to Chief Stan
[[File:Chief_Stan.png]] Talk to [[Chief Stan]]

For quests requiring you to move, buy, upgrade etc, add the square picture illustrating the task right before the line of instructions.

Eg: Move to Move to The Hill West of Henesys II
[[File:Move_to.png]] Move to [[The Hill West of Henesys II]]

Image Task Image Task Image Task
Move to Move Trade In Trade Send Gifts Send Gift
Buy or craft Buy (Recipe) Upgrade Upgrade Hire Hire
Use Use Add friend Add friend Increase Power Increase Power
Shop Buy (Shop) Craft Craft    
For trading in collection quests, link the name of the collection to the collection section on the monster's page. Then add the monster's picture to the right, captioned with their name.


Eg: Trade In Trade in Stump Stash Collection 1 time(s)
[[File:Trade_In.png]] Trade in [[Stump#Collection|Stump Stash Collection]] 1 time(s)

Some quests' tasks can be bypassed by paying Maple Leaves. When there is a task like that, then mark beside the task with [Buy for # Maple Leaves]

Eg: Craft Craft 30 Witch's Stew(s) [Buy for 10 Maple Leaves]
[[File:Craft.png]] Craft 30 [[Witch's Stew|Witch's Stew]](s) [Buy for 10 Maple Leaves]

Share sectionEdit

Share sections is in the following format:

Maple expedition

Quest name

Player completed 'questname' quest!
Player message about the quest.
'''''Player'' completed 'questname' quest!'''

''Player ''message about the quest.

Notice only PLAYER is in italics. (it is not indented though, this is just to show the section clearly)

Blank Quest TemplateEdit

This one has all possible sections. Paste when in source mode. Use a complete page as a guide for which sections to leave out:

*Only use if there is a level restriction, etc

==Quest NPC==
*NPC name

*(Only for dungeon quests)

==Available Map==
*(map quests)


''top line''

second line

==Tasks ==
*list as how they appear in-game



'''''Player'' completed 'QUEST NAME' quest!'''



Now: '''Current Quest'''


Other pagesEdit

For map, region, monster, boss, NPC , and item pages, use an existing page as a template. If NPCs can do something other than give quests, please write it.


Please categorize all pages. Unless there isnt a suitable category and you cant think of one. NPCs go in the NPC category, Maps, Quests, etc. Subcategorize it if nessecary.


Using ImagesEdit


pixel art


Most images on this wiki would be pixel art images and using jpg images would just ruin the image quality. The usage of PNG images is always prefered. As well, make sure the image actually looks good and not blurry. When putting in it on a page, use full size whenever possible.

A number of attribute can be attached to files to create certain behaviours. All or some of the attributes can be omitted and the image will still show up.

[[File:example.png|attribute 1|attribute 2|attribute 3|attribute 4]]

attribute 1: thumbnail, full size with frame= thumb, frame, 

attribute 2: location= right, left, center

attribute 3: size (in pixels) = [#]px

attribute 4: the description of the image. 

Note: to use have an image description, the image must be in either thumb or frame mode.


  • The image above was made with this code
[[File:Emily.png|frame|pixel art]]


  • To place just the image without a frame, it cannot have the "thumb" or "frame" attribute. In this case, the description can be seen when you hover over the image.
[[File:Emily.png|pixel art]]
  • The image can be placed in 3 positions: left, center and right. The default is left, but if you use the visual editor and select "full size" it will have the "right" attribute.
[[File:Emily.png|right|pixel art]]


  • If the image is too large, it can be resized by adding a size (in pixels) attribute, it may or may not be paired:

Finding ImagesEdit

To find good images of monsters, items, equip or other images in the desktop Maplestory, use MapleTip or GlobalHS. Just right-click and save. If you can't find the image there, google it and see if another site has it. If you really cant find it, I suggest you look through Banned Story and see if it is there.

Naming Image filesEdit

Always use descriptive file names as opposed to random characters (94rh439t.png). You do not need to describe the whole picture, but having a naming scheme is good. Most things can be named by their names.

Collection ImagesEdit

When creating collection images, just use MS Paint or another simple image editor. Screenshot it from the game, and leave 1 pixel of orange around the pinkish/peach colour. (So it doesn't look that bad) Also, dont forget to remove the numbers...) Name the file after the monster [Female Desert Rabbit Collection.png] rather than [Desert Rabbit's Furballs.png].


Female Desert Rabbit Collection

Saving ImagesEdit

If using Google Chrome and you want to save an image of a quest sharing icon, etc, just add the extension .png to the end of the file name to make it an image, not a php file.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Wiki ResourcesEdit

Need help understanding the WIKICODE?

Common Wikicode/wikitext, use these in source mode (also works in visual)



[[wiki link|link text]]

[ link text]

: indent

*(at beginning of line) is a bullet point

#(at beginning of line) is a numbered list

Other ConventionsEdit


Thousands SeparatorEdit

To accommodate readers and players from all over the world, use a space " " rather than a comma "," or a period/full stop "." as a thousands separator.

Eg: "1 000 000" not "1,000,000" or "1.000.000"
1 000 000

For 1000-9999 (x < 10 000), don't use a thousands separator.

Eg: "1234" not "1,234" or "1.234" or even "1 234"

MapleStory ResourcesEdit

  • Maple Wiki (Prefered site to use)
  • HS.MapleGLOBAL (Has pics from MS Global)
  • Banned Story (Maple simulator, many images from Maplestory [Probably the most complete database]
  • HS.MapleSEA (Has pics from MS Sea, look here if you cant find in HS.Global)
  • MSA Guides (Good resource with playing the game)
  • Perion Corner (More pics from MS Global [hard to search])

Reference Sheets from Nexon (XML)Edit

The usage of these documents require crossreferencing different sheets. They are relatively easy to understand. Many of these are very large, so it may take a while

Unfinished pagesEdit

You can find the unfinished pages here. They still need small, or large edits. Please leave a message there if you completed it (comment section also counts)!

MetalHarpey 15:46, September 28, 2011 (UTC)

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