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Quest NPC Edit

Available Map Edit

Prologue Edit

Have you met my friend Baine? Quite a fellow he is. I heard his gold fever drove him to talk to turtles. Ha!

Description Edit

This quest is available only on this map.

I'm not like my friend. I believe in hard work. That's why I've been gathering Croco Leather. Feel like helping with some honest work?

Tasks Edit



Rewards Edit

Awesome! Today was a very profitable day!

Share Edit

Dreaming of wealth

Dreaming of Wealth

Player completed 'Dreaming of Wealth' quest!

Player patiently gathered Croco Leather and dreamed of one day being rich.

Questline Edit

Previous: Novice Croco Hunter

Now: Dreaming of Wealth

Next: Keeper of Wild Crocodile Swamp

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