• PolkaBear

    2 years ago, I was super excited to play the new facebook version of maplestory, as I could never get into the desktop version. I became one of the beta players who got spout headwear and a slime tshirt. As I played and contributed to this wiki over the years, I gained many valuable skills. (heh, tracking fb traffic to get their images). And even though I haven't played MSA properly in about a year, I still loved it and thought this wiki as sort of my baby.

    Maybe one day I'll fill in the last gaps for the sanctuary quests, or fix some layout/formatting. But we can truly say goodbye to any new content. Nexon was too busy nurturing their other projects to care about us, but I guess that's okay.

    I had fun, but this is farewell for now. (maybe s…

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  • Nevitar


    March 25, 2013 by Nevitar

    Lv 56 Warrior

    Lv 16 Thief

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  • Bobilito


    May 30, 2012 by Bobilito


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  • Mpladv

    My Test Page

    May 28, 2012 by Mpladv

    Edward (Humble Mage)
    Rank: Obtain: Energy Cooldown
    C Quest 45 2 Hrs
    Base Stats
    Power: Dodge Critical Luck
    98 76 54 32
    Companions Abilities
    Pet Tamed Monster Skill Special
    A calm and earnest Magician. He brings you a Magic Stone when summoned. Brown Kitty Hodori Energy Bolt Dodge Boost

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  • PolkaBear

    Release Notes 2.7.2

    May 27, 2012 by PolkaBear

    Have you ever wondered what's in the mysterious area in the center of Victoria Island? Wonder no longer! The first part of Sanctuary is now open complete with new monsters, new quests, and new characters who need your help!

    The max level has been raised to level 75, which is a good thing considering you'll need to be as buff as you can be to survive Sanctuary and the new Dungeon, Dragonoir Lair.

    In addition to a new area to explore, there's also a new Dungeon with a Boss who would like to meet you...and fry you to a crisp. You can access the new Dungeon (and all Dungeons) through your Dungeon Portal in your Home.

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  • Mpladv

    My Backup Template

    May 25, 2012 by Mpladv

    {{Template:HeaderBox |Title = Quest Section |Body =

    • Get 40 Piece of Map(s) From Chipmunk

    | style="text-align:center;"| | style="text-align:center;"| |}

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  • MetalHarpey

    You've probably already met some Maple Heroes already: characters like Emily, Derek, Edward. But now you can call on even more Maple Heroes to help you on your adventures.

    To recruit more Maple Heroes, click on the Shop button then click on Hero Cards.

    Each deck has a different assortment of Maple Heroes from which to choose.

    When you receive your Maple Hero, he or she will appear in your friends bar.

    You can see details about your Maple Hero by clicking the Info button that appears when you mouse-over the Maple Hero. You can also access details by clicking on My Stuff then on Maple Heroes.

    You will be taken to the Maple Heroes page.

    Here you can see what stats and skills your Maple Heroes have, their pets and the monsters they've tamed. Also, e…

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  • Jmetivier

    Busy with school/girlfriend. Basically, I still have time to play MSA, but not a lot of time or will recently to update MSA wiki. Will resume updating after this academic quarter is over.

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  • MetalHarpey

    When facing lots of monsters or a Boss you don't want to go it alone so you Hire your friends to help you (you do Hire friends, right?).

    Up until now, the only friends you could have were the Facebook friends you added. But now you can have more friends to choose from because you're able to add players who play MapleStory Adventures but aren't your Facebook friends.

    To add a Maple Friend, click on the "Add Maple Friend" button in the bottom left corner of your screen:

    A window will pop up and you'll see MapleStory Adventures players who are close to your level. To add one just click on "Register."

    If you want to see who has added you a Maple Friend, click on the Followers tab.

    Maple Friends can be hired just the same as your Facebook friends. I…

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  • MetalHarpey

    Have you ever seen an entire screen of monsters and wished that you could kill all of them with a single click? With the new Hunt feature you can!

    When you are in an area with monsters, click on the Hunt button and you will mark all of the monsters for attack. Your character will continue to attack every monster until they are all gone or you run out of Energy. If you wish to stop attacking, just click the Stop button.

    Now you can compare your Dungeon scores with the scores of your friends. To see the new Dungeon Leaderboard, go to your Home and click on the Dungeon Portal (it is next to your mailbox).

    As you click on each different Dungeon, you will see the scores that you and your friends have achieved. Can you get the top score and win the…

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  • MetalHarpey


    April 22, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    Hello everyone :D,

    I thought maybe we can make a page with wishlists for people who still need stuff from mystery and treasure boxes? Or if not I'll stick to this blogpost ;p

    Mystery- and Treasure Box Fashion I still need to gather:

    • Bald Wig (Swampy Land Treasure Box) (still didnt get this after 100+ boxes)
    • Blue Sporty Cap (Steel Frame Mystery Box)
    • Cracked Glasses (Steel Frame Treasure Box)
    • Red Headband (Steep Downhill Mystery Box)
    • Yellow Baseball Cap (Steep Downhill Treasure Box)
    • Chipmunk Tail (Treasure Box of Sleepy Dungeon)
    • Brown Paperbag Mast (Mystery Box of Ant Tunnel)
    • Bunny Hat (Treasure Box of Ant Tunnel)

    Box of MAPLE letters

    Box of STORY letters

    If someone gets any of the above, please send me a PM in facebook!! Don't put the link just on some …

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  • PolkaBear

    Release Notes 2.5.5

    April 18, 2012 by PolkaBear

    You can now fill your Home area with Functional Decoration. These decorative items are harvestable and yield Gold, Magic Stones, and Crafting ingredients. So now not only will your Home area look cool, but it will give you cool stuff!

    To access the new Decoration, go to your Home and click on the button with the hammer on it (near the bottom right part of your screen). The tooltip of each Functional Decoration will tell you what the item will give you.

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  • MetalHarpey

    Yay Metal's Endless Energy Guide! It's about how to get endless energy, or almost endless. The higher level you get, the more Energy you will need to level up. Therefore, it's not endless for those above Lv.40 (or something).

    Here goes!

    The trick to endless Energy, is to beat up monsters which give an Energy item when you trade in the collection. Every Collection gives an Energy item that gives you 10 Energy. So it doesn't really matter which monster you beat up, unless you're also going for EXP.

    Image Name + Location Collection

    • Lv.27 Clang
    • Clang's Sandy Beach
    • Mr. Oyster Bed I
    • Mr. Oyster Bed II

    Cooked Sea Bream

    • Lv.33 Iron Mutae
    • Mithril Mutae Area

    Green Apple

    • Lv.40 Cactus
    • Relic Excavation Camp II


    • Lv.43 Fairy
    • Magic Fairy Area

    • Lv.50 Stone Bug
    • The Sw…

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  • MetalHarpey

    We hope you're really good at holding your breath because the newest Dungeon is completely underwater. Fight your way through Sharks and Bone Fish to get to the dungeon boss: Pianus. He's huge and he hates it when you make fun of his name! You can find this lvl 60 Dungeon in Florina Beach.

    Want Gold? You can now get the Gold you need for the Gear and Items you want. Gold is now purchasable using Maple Leaves. Just click on the "+" button under your Gold counter in the upper right corner of your screen.

    Hersha's got some new Expeditions for you. Expeditions are a great way to earn extra Gold, EXP, and Monster Mastery. Go talk to Hersha who is located next to your Mailbox.

    Various bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

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  • MetalHarpey

    Lame MSA

    April 7, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    For some reason, the MSA app vanished off facebook. At least for me... WTF IS GOING ON?

    Even if i go to the official page of MSA, the app wont work :-S

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  • PolkaBear

    Release Notes 2.5.3

    April 4, 2012 by PolkaBear

    Not only is the level cap being raised to 65, but there is a whole new level 61-65 area to explore with new Monsters to hunt, new characters to meet, and new Quests to complete. Head to Henesys to check out the new area.

    Also: Cows!

    It's Easter time which means it's time to hunt for eggs. And by "hunt for eggs" we mean go find these Eggy monsters and kill them.

    Seriously, these Eggy Popps are causing trouble for Anna and her Orphanage. Lend her a hand by clearing out these creepy egg monsters. You can find Anna in your Home area near your Mailbox.

    You can now change your character's eye colour. Check out the new options in the Face tab in the Fashion Shop.

    The double Magic Stone drop event has ended. Stay tuned for more events coming up!

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  • MetalHarpey

    Hersha’s arrived in your Home area, and he’s got some new adventures for you.

    To complete Hersha’s Expeditions, you’ll need to recruit your friends. Pay attention to the class requirement of the Expeditions and try to match up the friend(s) who are best suited for the mission.

    Magic Stones are very useful. Without them you couldn’t craft any Items or enter any Dungeons. If you need more of these precious stones, then take advantage because Monsters are now dropping Magic Stones at DOUBLE the normal drop rate!

    Did you know that Rare and Legendary Gear can increase your Skill level which raises the amount of damage you can inflict? To see how much your Gear has affected your Skills, click on the “Skill” button and check it out.

    Normally missing …

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  • Jmetivier

    Release Notes v2.5

    March 21, 2012 by Jmetivier

    Explore and fight your way through two new Dungeons with some fearsome new bosses: the Giant Centipede and Manon!

    Also, in addition to accessing dungeons through the World Map, you can now get to each dungeon through the Dungeon Portal located in your Home.

    DOUBLE Gold Drops! Vikin’s in town, and you know what that means! It means that the Gold drop rate is DOUBLED! All monsters will drop twice the amount of Gold that they normally do. So if you’ve ever wanted to be rich, now is the time to hunt those monsters.

    Now available in the Shop are set items. These bundles include multiple items to get you going fast!

    There are Gear sets (one for each class), Fashion sets (male and female), and even a Lunchbox full of Consumable items!

    There’s a new cu…

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  • PolkaBear

    Release Notes 2.4

    March 8, 2012 by PolkaBear

    Two new classes are now available. Play as the quick Thief or the long-ranged Archer.

    Now you are able to create more than one character on one Facebook account. Want to experience the game using a different class? Want to give one of the two new classes a try? Now you can!

    Need more space? Talk to Dondlass in your Home area and gain access to your Storage. You can place items in your Storage, buy more space if you need it, and even transfer items between different characters (all of your characters can access the same Storage space).

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  • PolkaBear

    Release Notes 2.3

    February 23, 2012 by PolkaBear

    Zombies have taken over the Perion Construction site! Get over there and clear them out so industry and progress can continue! BEWARE of Frankenroid!

    If you are trying to max out the stats on your gear and want to protect against losing levels during an Enchant fail, use the new Enchanting Safeguard. It's available in the Shop.

    Yulete has some new Crafting recipes for you. Convert your Gold into Maple Stones or get the new Maple Pop for a +10 Energy boost. Click on your Cauldron for the new recipes.

    Various bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

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  • MetalHarpey

    Release Notes v2.2

    February 8, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    A brand new Dungeon for you to fight your way through! Mr. Oyster awaits!

    Mr. Oyster Bed (required level 25): located in Florina Beach.

    Tina’s got chocolate problems! Help her out by completing the new Valentine’s Day Event Quests and Daily Quests

    Take your character to greater heights! The maximum level has been raised to level 60.

    Need more space in your bags? New Item Slot Expansions are now available for purchase. To purchase more slots, just open your bag and go to the last page of your inventory.

    Various bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

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  • MSAMelissa


    January 27, 2012 by MSAMelissa


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  • Jmetivier

    Release Notes v2.1

    January 19, 2012 by Jmetivier

    Brand new Dungeons for you to explore. Fight your way through 3 levels and defeat the Dungeon boss to earn Rare and Legendary Gear as well as set the Dungeon High Score.

    New secondary stats added to all Gear. In addition to Attack Power, all Gear comes with a secondary stat (Critical, Dodge, or Luck).


    • Attack Power: increases your overall damage dealt
    • Critical: increases your chance of performing triple damage critical attacks on monsters
    • Dodge: increases your chance of evading enemy attacks
    • Luck: increases chance to get items from enemies

    Also, be on the lookout for new Rare and Legendary Gears that have a chance to drop from Monsters! Rare and Legendary Gear have superior stats to normal Gear. Increase your chance of getting a Rare or Lege…

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  • Phoenix1304

    Love This Game! But...

    January 13, 2012 by Phoenix1304

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I've noticed quite a bit of imbalance in the making of this game. Several quests that take days to complete (King Slime Collection, anyone?) only offers a couple hundred experience, while others that only require you to "Go here and talk to this guy" reward you with buku XP and coins, simply because it occurs later in the quest chain. Personally I feel like that's absolutely ridiculous, and hopefully something that is addressed at some point in the future.

    That said, I love this game for it's sense of catharsis. Some have called it repetitive (my sister used the word "boring"), but that's probably because they're just not used to the "grinding" aspect of most RPGs and MMORPGs. In the case of MSA, …

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  • ISHANx


    January 11, 2012 by ISHANx

    OMGG! Got myself Level today, so now, I'm level 42 :D

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  • ISHANx

    I'm getting poor! D:

    January 11, 2012 by ISHANx

    These day, Nexon added new items to MapleStory Adventures. And they are all expensive, I love them and I've to buy. And now, from a mil decrease to 300k

    Hope Nexon do decrease the price of those awesome cash items.

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  • MetalHarpey

    Maplers! Could you use some Facebook Credits this Holiday season!? Send us a captioned screenshot of your character in your favorite festive gear hunting reindeer and you could get 210 Facebook Credits!
    Contest Rules:
    • Put on some Holiday Fashion and find some reindeer!
    • Take a screenshot and add a caption! (The funnier the better! Please keep them PG.) • Send your submission to with “MapleStory Adventures Christmas Contest” in the subject line
    • Please be sure to include your Facebook profile address for verification
    • Limit one entry per person
    • One winner will receive 210 Facebook Credits
    • Contest runs from December 16th – 26th (winners will be announced January 3rd)
    Happy Mapling!

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  • MetalHarpey

    Release Notes 1.16

    December 15, 2011 by MetalHarpey

    Help Rudolph and the citizens of Christmas Town to save Christmas! New quests and Fashion items for you to check out!

    Spruce up your home with new decorative items!

    Need some Gold? You can now purchase Gold Mystery Boxes in the Shop!

    Various minor bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

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  • Jmetivier

    Release Notes 1.15

    November 24, 2011 by Jmetivier

    The maximum level has been raised to 55!

    New maps are open in Ellinia for levels 51-55. Fight new monsters, complete new quests, and take down a new boss!

    The UI for the Fashion Shop has been updated for easier navigation. Now you can purchase Fashion items, new Hair, and new Face styles from the same menu. Click “View Owned” to view and equip the items you have already purchased.

    Various minor bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

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  • MetalHarpey

    MSA official contest

    November 21, 2011 by MetalHarpey

    Right now there's an official contest running at the MSA official Facebook page.

    This is their message:

    CONTESTANTS! Remember you only have until the 23rd to submit those entries! You could win an iPOD TOUCH and a Forked turkey Weapon!
    • Talk to Mr. Jones in your Home area to be transported to his turkey farm
    • Take a screenshot and add a caption; the funnier the better!
    • One winner will receive an iPod Touch
    • Four runners-up will receive Forked Turkey weapons
    • Send submissions to with “MapleStory Adventures Screenshot Contest” in the subject line
    • Please be sure to include your Facebook profile address for verification
    • Limit one entry per person
    • Contest runs Now until Nov. 23rd
    Good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • PolkaBear

    Release Notes 1.14

    November 12, 2011 by PolkaBear

    Mrs. Bunny's Thanksgiving Turkeys have escaped in the nick of time from her kitchen's cozy oven, fleeing deep into the dungeons of Mid Forest! If you want a tasty turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, it's up to you to catch these wild turkeys!

    Talk to Mr. Jones in your Home to go to the special event map and complete the quests to earn limited edition Thanksgiving items.

    Go to Category:Thanksgiving 2011 for the pages on the Thanksgiving event.

    New adventures await you in Florina Beach ! Take the portal in Henesys to find new maps, monsters, quests, NPCs, and a new boss!

    The latest looks of the season have arrived at the Fashion Shop!

    • Leopard Print Hat
    • Leopard Print Coat
    • Leopard Print Shoes
    • Wind Bell Earrings
    • Snowflake Scarf
    • Yellow Snowboard Top
    • Yellow Snow…

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  • PolkaBear

    Im so lucky xD

    October 29, 2011 by PolkaBear

    LOL, I've got the Lucky Edit badges 5 times now. 2000th, 3000th, 6000th, 7000th, and 8000th edit.

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  • Jmetivier

    Release Notes 1.13

    October 28, 2011 by Jmetivier

    MapleStory Adventures has been updated to version 1.13. The following is a list of changes.

    A limited time Halloween event is now available. You can reach the Haunted Mansion by speaking to the Masked Gentleman in your Home. Speak to Sophilia located Inside the Haunted Mansion to start the event quest line. You will also receive a Daily Quest during the event period.

    The max level of the Multi-Hire Skill has been increased to 5, allowing players to hire up to 5 friends at the same time.

    Limited edition Halloween items have been added to the Fashion Shop. Hurry, they won’t be around long!

    • Dark Jester
    • Ogre Mask
    • Maple-Stein
    • Count Dracula Cape
    • Coffin of Gloom
    • Harpie Cape
    • Bat’s Bane
    • Fallen Tail Angel
    • Skull Shirt
    • Brown Bandage
    • Black Bandage
    • Demon Goblin
    • Fallen…

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  • Jmetivier


    October 25, 2011 by Jmetivier

    I am a university student. By the time anyone sees this, I will have turned twenty. Finally out of my teens and I don't really have anything to show for it. I have lived my life day-by-day ever since I was little. I try to never get stressed, and before I was interested in girls or school, I was practically stress-free. But those things that cause even a tiny bit of stress are worth it.

    Sure, girls come and go. But you're better to have loved than to never have loved at all. It's an experience. It's a pleasure - and at the same time a peril. There's always that feeling of imminent doom that's about to occur, that insecurity. This could be said for many things, including university.

    But living life day-by-day doesn't seem to be working for me…

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  • MetalHarpey

    Release Notes 1.12

    October 13, 2011 by MetalHarpey

    MapleStory Adventures has been updated to version 1.12. The following is a list of changes.

    Players now have their own Home space that can be visited by clicking the Home icon. Here is a summary of what you can do in your Home:

    • Harvest reactors for EXP, Gold, and Collection items
    • Claim your Daily Bonus and Free Pizza at the Maple Mailbox
    • Craft recipes with Yulete
    • Enchant equipment with Alberich

    (Yulete and Alberich have been removed from the towns. All Crafting and Enchanting is now done in your Home.)

    When you are Home, the “Hire” button on the friend bar becomes the “Visit” button. You can visit your friend’s Home and harvest their reactors for EXP, Gold, and Heart XP.

    New Collections have been added for the Home reactors.

    Various improvements ha…

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  • MetalHarpey

    Release Notes 1.11

    September 29, 2011 by MetalHarpey

    Release Notes 1.11

    September 29, 2011

    MapleStory Adventures has been updated to version 1.11. The Following is a list of changes.


    Hire Multiple Friends

    A new skill has been added that allows you to hire up to 3 friends at the same time. This skill can be unlocked as you level up your Heart Level.

    New Photo Option

    Show your friends who the best MapleStory Adventures player is with the "I'm the best" photo option.

    New Fasion Items

    Numerous new Fashion items have been added to the Fashion Shop.

    • Sachiel Wings
    • Kitty Parachute
    • Dragon Masters Proof
    • Bulls horn
    • Golden Trench Helmet
    • White Kitty Ears
    • Drake Hat
    • Sachiel Armor
    • Golden Armor
    • Strawberry Baby
    • Chaos Armor
    • Sachiel Shoes
    • Golden Shoes
    • Kawaii Kitty Shoes
    • Chaos Metallic Shoes

    Skill Requirements

    The requirements for unlo…

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  • MetalHarpey

    I'm just searching around for pages that need editing, especially quests. So here goes:

    • Becoming a Beginner 3 - Share section incl. picture
    • Becoming a Beginner 4 - Share section incl. picture
    • Becoming a Beginner 5 - Share section incl. picture
    • Becoming a Beginner 6 - Share section incl. picture
    • Becoming a Rookie 3 - Share section incl. picture
    • Becoming a Novice 3 - Share section incl. picture
    • Becoming a Traveler 2 - Share section incl. picture + Rewards
    • Becoming a Traveler 3 - Share section incl. picture + Rewards + Prologue
    • Becoming a Traveler 4 - Prologue + Description (computer crashed here lulz)
    • Becoming a Traveler 5 - Prologue
    • Becoming a Traveler 6 - Share section incl. picture + Rewards + Prologue (busy on this)

    • Ghosts in Kerning City 2 - Reward…

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  • PolkaBear

    Wish MSA didn't use Energy

    September 16, 2011 by PolkaBear

    Nexon is being mean. Having all those fashion items cost FB Credits, and having SUPER expensive coin items. And making the game energy based. But I still play it LOL. I don't feel like playing MS Global. As I was writing this, the Black Mage disconnected me twice, guess Nexon doesn't like me complaining xD

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  • MetalHarpey


    September 14, 2011 by MetalHarpey

    Made some edits at some pages, started creating monster pages. Collection images may be a problem, but i do my best.

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  • 525hm

    Format of a page

    August 27, 2011 by 525hm

    As I start today, I don't make standards to make a page. So I edit my pages more and more..


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  • 525hm


    August 27, 2011 by 525hm

    I don't know this wiki before today, so I can't write (my) previous quests. I have other accounts, so I will work on them soon.

    (If I can.)

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