Quest NPC Edit

Description Edit

Listen to Neinhart to become a Traveler

Once you become a Knight, you'll -- Oh my, first things first. Let's get you some better gear.

Tasks Edit

  • Shop Buy a Lv.26 item or higher 1 time [Buy for 13 Maple Leaves]
  • Sharp Blades Get 20 Sharp Blades [Buy for 11 Maple Leaves]

Rewards Edit

Stop grumbling about the cost. Cygnus Knights never complain, you know.


Becoming A Traveller 3

Becoming A Traveler 3

Player completed 'Becoming A Traveler 3' quest!

Player is really improving as a Traveler!

Questline Edit

Previous: Becoming A Traveler 2

Now: Becoming A Traveler 3

Next: Becoming A Traveler 4

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