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Quest NPC Edit

Available Map Edit

Prologue Edit

I've been...ordered to watch this place...for 10 years...

Description Edit

*Gasp gasp* Can you go smack around some Black Porkys? That might help me cope.

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't wanna live with the Black Porkys ahhhhhhhhhh!

Tasks Edit

Rewards Edit

  • Experience 10 000 EXP

Well...I feel a little better. Thanks.

Share Edit

Humid Swamp 3

Baby Moon Bunny's Blues

Player completed 'Baby Moon Bunny's Blues' quest!

Player cleaned out the aggravating Black Porkys for poor Baby Moon Bunny.

Questline Edit

Previous: Baby Moon Bunny's Mistake

Now: Baby Moon Bunny's Blues

Next: None

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