Alberich the Enchanter

"The power of enchantment will only be revealed to those who have courage and wisdom."

Alberich can be found in your Home. He will help you enchant your gear to a higher level. This gives you better stats, but also comes with a price. It also has a higher chance to fail the higher the level your equipment is and the higher the enchant level is.

For every enchant attempt you have to pay Gold, and Enchant Scrolls.


Enchant Lv1 Enchant Lv3 Enchant Lv2 Enchant Lv4 Enchant Lv5

Player enchanted item to level #!

Player enchanted item to level # and wants to share some enchant scrolls with you!


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Enchanting Safeguard

Enchanting Safeguard

Gear can be upgraded up to level 20. Successive upgrades will be more and more effective (from +0 to +1 may give 1 power, but +9 to + 10 may give 20). This also depends on the particular item. The "enchanting safeguard" cash item protects an item from level 7-13 enchantments. 

Every enchant that fails on gear or weapons from level 7 or higher, will get downgraded one level. Every enchant that fails on a 10+ piece of gear is downgraded to level 7. You get nothing else in return.

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